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about us
Everyone said, "That's not possible!“ ...
There came one who did not know that its impossible, and just did it.
Implementing multimedia innovations, we create spaces where people want to stay forever – it’s our mission and passion.
It was Patrick Schneider, our CTO and thought leader. His sparkling energy and inexhaustible creativity gave life to our innovative company.

He found an ally for himself in his life partner, Anna, who took on the role of a "gray cardinal"
or CEO.

This constellation is complemented by other like-minded people. Everyone is welcome
to bring their personality with them in order
to really blossom with us.
Nowadays around half of the workers are not satisfied with the workspace and level of well-being it provides. There’s a long way to go and we’re making a big step forward. We are here to boost innovative dawn and implement the most incredible multimedia technologies
in the companies that understand the value of development.

Our approach is recognised: in 2022 we won the AVARD –
The Professional Prize for Best Collaboration and Conferencing Integration.
Multimedia Technician,
Project Manager,
Passioned by using modern technology to improve communication between people
Driven by the concept of the "total work of art"
Passioned by turning creative concepts into captivating audiovisual realities
Konstantin Soldatov
Creative Lead, Designer
Head of Marketing & Sales
A creative visionary with over 10 years of experience in advertising.
Inspired by the challenge of turning "marketing" into "marveling" in each and every project
Art historian, curator
Enjoy how art invents and enriches our daily lives